React World and Why It Failed

Recently, The Fine Brothers (a YouTube personality program) got in trouble for a couple of videos they made announcing a new program that they were creating. This failure has overtaken social media and has largely hurt their business. Their program called React World, is a system where YouTube creators would create reaction videos using The Fine Brothers’ format and they would share in the profits as well as give notification of their reaction videos on their channel as well as other social medias. The Fine Brothers have largely been in trouble for things that happened outside of their two videos on React World because they have been trying to trademark certain terms such as React, Teens React, etc. Consumers were mad because The Fine Brothers have been known to take down videos that use their videos with free use laws in mind and also taking videos down for using their trademarked terms. The two personalities, Benny and Rafi Fine, have told people that they were not responsible for taking down the videos but their company has taken those videos down. In their apology video, people have been fired up against them because of the body language the Brothers used when they talked about explaining what their program actual consists of. One of the brothers rolled his eyes a lot in the video and people have been angry about that since it feels like they weren’t acting sorry for the video that they made about React World. Another backlash that was made was in response to a tweet that the Fine Brothers made towards Ellen DeGeneres. This tweet showed how they felt like they were entitled to recognition when a network like the Ellen Show has a segment where kids reacted to old technology. They felt like the format was very similar to theirs and wanted their fans to blast Ellen DeGeneres’ Facebook with Kids React Tweets. There are websites being made that count the amount of subscribers that The Fine Brothers have and showing the steady decline of subscribers as of 2/2/2016. On Saturday 1/30/16 The Fine Brothers had around 14.1 million subscribers. Now, their subscriber count is around 13.7 million. In the span of 4 days, The Fine Brothers have lost around 400,000 subscribers and the numbers are still going down. It seems like the people that started the movement to unsubscribe from them have created a sort of game where people would unsubscribe to The Fine Brothers and monitor their subscriber count losses. It is a sort of social media craze that popped up merely days ago based on a decision that The Fine Brothers made. The Fine Brothers have made an apology where they state that they will take away any trademarks that they currently had over the YouTube system because they say that they realized that this trademark system would allow for them to bully other smaller YouTubers into submission. The Fine Brothers’ failure to react correctly to social media backlash is a lesson one can learn about reacting to bad public relations. People shouldn’t react in a way that seems unapologetic. People can see behind unapologetic dialogue. The fact that they lost hundreds of thousands of fans with this one idea can show the power of social media and how quickly people can begin to hate you after they loved your company for so long. It takes just one bad idea to make a good apple a bad apple.



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