How Social Media Helps Make Games More Popular

One of the most popular video games of 2015 was the game Undertale. This game is a very simplistic that’s greatness seems to come from its characters, these character’s designs, and the storyline that came with these characters. The characters Sans and Papyrus seem to pop out in social media, especially on websites such as Tumblr and Twitter. I’m going to show how these characters were depicted on these social media channels (mostly just Tumblr) and why I think these characters stood out over the other characters in the story.

Sans: He is a jokester with a kind heart and great admiration for his brother Papyrus. Most of his depictions on Tumblr seem to be in a comedic way because of the jokes that he makes in the game and this seems to be the basis of the love of this character.

Papyrus: Although they are both comedic skeletons (like literal skeletons), Papyrus takes a much more romantic view on the general public. Fans of this character romanticize about this character for two reasons: first, in the game there is a section where the main character can romanticize and date Papyrus and they are going along with that and second, some fans like the way that Papyrus talks and how he as comedically funny as Sans.

Both of these characters have been greatly loved by fans of this game and this game has been greatly improved, saleswise, because of these characters.


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