Another Issue/Use of Social Media Part 2

Bernie Sanders is another candidate that has gotten recognition from social media, but social media has caused his view from the Democratic voter base to skyrocket recently. There are many recent trends in social media that have helped to show Bernie as a better candidate than the other front runner, Hillary Clinton, but one that shows up a lot in social media is a meme that compares what fans of Bernie think he would have an opinion on versus the opinion that Hillary Clinton would have on an issue. This meme depicts Bernie as someone who is knowledgeable and does his research on things before being asked about the issue while depicting Hillary Clinton as someone who would have to write an essay by 2 hours so makes things up and gives very generic and ambiguous answers to certain questions about issues. Another meme that seems to be trending on social media, especially mediums such as Facebook or Twitter, is a meme that shows everything that Bernie’s ideas would do to the economy and how his views would be better in the long run. The social media activity has created a lot of success in the younger audiences in America. Before all of the social media activity, Hillary was a shoe in for the Democratic candidacy. After the social media activity, Bernie showed himself as a valid Democratic candidate.


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