How Businesses Can Use Tumblr and Other Similar Social Media Platforms

Tumblr is a different type of social media that allows users to create and publish their own content. The following of this social media seem to be very counterculture and similar to the following of the forum, Reddit. Although this social media might be hard to reach because of their status as a counterculture, it is possible to intrude in the community and create a following of your own using this social media. Tumblr is a social media that creates things such as fandoms that are basically the followings of some sort of group of similar interests. The fact that Tumblr uses these fandoms as a way to generate content allows businesses to create their own fandoms and generate buzz for their content. One big industry that this works very well in is the movie and TV show industry. Since these industries use the media in order to gain popularity and views it very often shows its face in social media such as Tumblr. Businesses that are part of these industries should often create social media blogs and post frequently (whether it be a picture, a long blog post, or a blog post in general) to create a fandom to generate buzz for their products.


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