Instagram Modelling

Instagram is a big social media platform that is used by many models who want to become famous from this social media platform. They usually use it to become noticed by people and hopefully get a job as a model from the people that notice them. It is interesting because there are more men that use Instagram than women. It makes sense because many of the men that use this app use it to view the models. It is much less expensive (free) than looking through a magazine. But, it is still interesting considering Instagram is known as a much more female oriented social media platform than many other social media platforms that can do the same things such as Twitter, which has a much more balanced orientation in the social media. The usage rates between men and women are still in women’s favor because women use Instagram more than men. But, the fact that men use Instagram more than women could be a good marketing opportunity for businesses. They can target certain advertisements on Instagram towards men instead of focusing on women like it seems that they do. This could cause Instagram’s personality to change a bit because it would make the social media platform seem less women oriented, but it would cause a lot of short term profit for businesses that use this strategy.


By The Numbers: 160+ Interesting Instagram Statistics (January 2016)

Instagram Advertising and Demographics: What You Need To Know


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