Marketing on Facebook versus Marketing on YouTube

Facebook and YouTube are currently 2 of the most popular social media websites. They have some similarities but they have a lot of differences. Facebook is a social media that focuses on the lives that users face. YouTube on the other hand focuses on the content that users create and basically creates news from the creators’ histories. This is clearly shown in Facebook’s review of the year versus YouTube’s review of the year. Facebook’s review depicts what happened in the news rather than focusing on what has happened in the lives of its users. YouTube’s review depicts the content that their users have created and brings their users into the picture. Knowing this information a marketer can market certain products on Facebook while marketing other products on YouTube. Since the community on Facebook is driven more towards news-worthy events rather on the success of user generated content, marketers can special products for different events in the news while marketers can use YouTube to market any product using interesting videos. Although these communities are different in many ways they are also similar in other ways. Both communities praise high quality videos. Both communities have a social media community at least attached to them (YouTube has Google+). Although these communities are similar in those ways they are different because Facebook allows for easier anonymous public content creation, it has an easier time combining with other social media blogs (such as Tumblr or Twitter) through things such as screenshots. YouTube does have its uses though. YouTube is better than Facebook with video editing capabilities and a better audience at seeking and viewing content that you want to see rather than just content that your friends or followed people share. Overall, marketers should be careful when choosing a social media platform to market on. There are many other social media platforms to choose from, but Facebook and YouTube seems to be two of the most popular of the social media platforms. They both have huge followings (where Facebook has a much bigger following) and each have their uses.


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