One of the Issues/Uses (depending on your political stance) of Social Media Part 1

In this political year, social media is a huge reason why many of the political front runners have gotten to where they are now. These two political leaders are: Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. It seems that both of these presidential candidates have gained tread through social media. With Donald Trump it doesn’t seem like much of the reasons why he is front runner come from social media praising him or anything. It seems that social media has made people hate him more and in fact run away from his political party. From some data from other election years I have found that it seems that the Republican party is either losing some of their Republican voter base or that their Republican voter base isn’t voting because of them not thinking that any of the Republican candidates deserved to be in office. There are a lot more factors to put into this than social media alone, but social media plays a core role in the lack of Republican voters during this election year. The anti-Trump memes and other social media actions seem to be causing Trump’s fans to get angrier and scaring many Republican voters away from the party. The social medias that are being used to depict Trump in this way are mediums such as: YouTube (online news channels, bloggers, etc.), Facebook, Twitter, and various other social media mediums.


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