The new movie, Deadpool, gained a lot of fame through social media, especially social media platforms like: Tumblr, Facebook, and other blogs. The fandom for Deadpool is very counterculture and is great for younger audiences. That is one of the reasons social media is useful for movies that employ the same target audiences. Social media was full of Deadpool in the coming months before it was released. The movie was initially announced around a year before it was released. The announcement gained some buzz but it wasn’t as visible to all people than it was in the past 3 months. One interesting advertisement that they used (featured in this blog post) showed the movie as a sort of Valentine’s Day movie (which the fans of the series knew was a false statement) and caused a lot of couples to watch the movie on Valentine’s Day. Another thing that gained a lot of traction for the movie are the trailers that circulated the internet before the movie came out. The trailers were very successful in attracting younger audiences (especially male audiences or audiences that were fans of the series before the movie came out) and the movie became the highest grossing R-rated comic book movie ever and the highest grossing film of 2016 (although it did come out in February leaving the rest of the year for other films to beat Deadpool’s success). The success of the movie had much to do with the social media’s following of the movie.


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